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The Presence of God in Our Lives

The Presence of God in Our Lives

Have you ever been alone in a room and yet felt someone was with you? It is probably the presence of the Lord. The presence of God is everywhere but we can never feel that whenever our heart is not open for it. If you want to feel the presence of God, never refuse to accept it and you must open your heart and mind and try to feel that grace coming to you.

If you are sitting on a bench near the beach while observing the waves crashing onto it or if you’re sitting on your backyard watching the sun rise and set, you will truly feel the presence of the Lord. Just looking at his beautiful creation, you will already feel his presence, just breathing alone; you will know his presence is embracing you and the entire world. Sometimes an overwhelming feeling of peace and gratefulness seem to penetrate your body and that really makes you feel good. This wonderful feeling that human beings experience every day is a simple belief that God’s presence is around them. There isn’t any concrete evidence to prove that this is actually what’s happening. No one really knows what causes these wonderful sensations to run throughout our bodies, but when you give God the credit, are you sure that you’re giving the credit to the right god

The Lord’s temple is the body of Christians. Most of us are aware the he is living inside us, he is always with us.

The presence of God is powerful; it can even heal a broken life or a broken relationship. God’s presence commands peace, joy and pleasures for evermore. In His presence, you receive instructions and wisdom on how to enjoy a trouble-free relationship. . In God’s presence, your faults and negative inputs to that relationship is revealed to you. The real challenge and the source of it, which is the evil power, are made known to you, the blaming syndrome is destroyed and the desire to make the relationship work comes on you.

So what can we do to become more aware of the presence of God in our lives?

The answer is to develop closeness with Him.

·         Share with Him

·         Talk to Him

·         Listen to Him

·         Make Him real in your life.

The closer we become with God, the more we will recognize that He’s with us continually. He will never leave nor forsake us.

We may never see Him, but because he is with us continuously He knows exactly what we’re up to at all times.